Our Mission

The Rosemyr Corporation strives to provide bold, innovative approaches to real estate investing that best serve the Tenants’, the Communities’, the Stockholders’, and the Employees’ needs through fairness and professionalism.


  • Maintain code of ethics
  • Earn a 13% return on average equity annually
  • Maintain adequate liquidity to address shareholders’ needs


  • Follow the “Golden Rule”
  • Maintain High Standards
  • Build Relationships
  • Allow Managers to Manage
  • Enforce “The One Minute Manager” Concept
  • Have Fun!

Our corporate strengths are a matter of pride to us. We zealously protect our ethical reputation, strong financial condition, and relationships with stakeholders. We are committed to ensure each property is maintained at a high level of appeal and repair in order to maximize its value. We are proud of our modern technology, experienced staff and highly qualified directors.